Yahoo launches Squirrel group chat application

Squirrel is now available on iOS and Android but for use, you must receive an invitation from the company.

Yahoo has launched a new Squirrel chat app on the App Store and Google Play. With Squirrel, you can manage multiple chat groups and create different groups for multiple topics.

Also, you can create secret chat groups that only your friends or family members are invited to know about it. And because you have to invite friends and family to join the group through a link, you will not share any information with Yahoo about your relationship.

Squirrel has several outstanding features:

– Rooms: Create private rooms for some or some specific topics. Chat in the room will send content to the whole people.

– Mute: Turn off notifications in the room.

– Secret rooms: Use secret rooms for private discussions with acquaintances.

– Reactions: Express emotions with jokes, stories by one-touch manipulation.

– Blasts: Make sure everyone in the group sees important messages.

– Attachments: Share photos, documents or links. Find them easily in one place.

– Activity view: Never miss important messages. Know when you are mentioned.

Now to use Squirrel you must receive an invitation from Yahoo. If you want to try, you can send an email to to request an invite.

Sign in Yahoo account does not use a password

Yahoo is still one of the largest email service providers. If you are using Yahoo for email, it is important to protect your account in the possible ways.

Of course, setting up a strong password is essential. But if you are bored with the use of passwords, Yahoo offers you another way to login to your account without using complicated passwords. It’s called Yahoo Account Key.

How to login Yahoo account using Yahoo Account Key

Download any mobile application from Yahoo. Yahoo Mail is the best, but you can also use other applications such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Messenger or other applications.

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account on the mobile app.
  2. At the computer interface, visit your account setup page. You can open this page by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the Yahoo page and selecting Account info.
  3. Select the Account Security tab, then select the See how it works line under the Yahoo Account Key heading.
  4. You will see a list of mobile devices you have previously signed up for. Click Send me a notification next to the device you want to use.
  5. Confirm the setup by selecting Yes, send me a notification.
  6. You will receive a notification on your phone from the Yahoo app. Select Yes to confirm.
  7. Back to the computer screen, click Always use Yahoo Account Key to set up the default login.
  8. From now on whenever you want to sign in to your Yahoo account, you will receive a notification from your phone. Click to confirm that you are able to login.

This login mode is much more convenient when logging in with a password. However, be careful when using this feature. Because if someone tries to sign in to your account, it’s easy to accidentally touch Yes. As a result, we recommend that you avoid using your device for others to use and set the passcode on your phone so that your email has one more step to protect.

Do you like signing in with this phone or using a password? Let us know in the comment section below!

How to transfer email from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

The sad truth is that all new versions of Yahoo! mail are disappointing. This may be a little personal when Yahoo makes us have a hard time using this service with frequent server errors. Many people rate Gmail higher than Yahoo Mail at the same speed. It’s spam blocker. Yahoo has too many spams, including IM spam.

In addition, POP access and disposable addresses require a new paid account to be used. We are concerned that someday in the future Yahoo will not allow users to access your account even if you have entered the correct ID and password. Once Yahoo mail is hacked, you can be very worried. Want to delete your account but suddenly realized that there are many important emails contained in it? What should I do now? Before we go on, let’s find out why Gmail won Yahoo Mail.

Why transfer from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail?

  • Get faster email access as well as faster email sending and receiving. Powerful email search is equivalent to Google. Ability to filter out emails with attachments. Exe.
  • Ability to block spam and less spam. Yahoo has too many spams, including IM spam. Yahoo! It also disappoints in the ability to distinguish legitimate emails and spam emails.
  • Automatic forwarding for Gmail
  • Supports email client access for Gmail: POP3, IMAP, SSL / TLS are supported, limited to SMTP. Yahoo only supports POP3 for certain areas.
  • Gmail supports 52 different languages, while Yahoo only supports 27 languages.
  • Gmail has text ads only in the mailbox display, not in messages. Yahoo has ads in the interface and email.
  • Customize supported domains in Gmail using Google Apps
  • Customization From can be set in Gmail
  • Editing addresses is also available in Gmail
  • IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera are only compatible with the new version of Yahoo Mail.
  • Account expiration is available for 9 months of non-Gmail account activity over the 4-month period of Yahoo Mail.
  • Other special features in Gmail: Messages are grouped into conversations, Basic HTML view provides faster access to slow connections, Label is used in Gmail instead of Yahoo folders.

So, we will share with you how to import all your contacts and emails from Yahoo to Gmail. There are many articles on the Internet about how to do this, but most of them do not work as expected. So we made some combinations and figured out how to get them to work the best.

How to transfer from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail?

1. Sign in to your Yahoo account.

2. If you are using Yahoo Mail Classic go to All new Yahoo mail. Click Options on the right side of the mailbox and select All new Yahoo mail.

3. If you select Options → Mail Options → Forwarding, you will see that this feature only appears in Yahoo Mail Plus and you will have to upgrade to $20.

4. Next, go to Yahoo inbox and select the display name at the top left. That is your name written in the form Hi, “your name”. Accessing Account Info appears after the drop-down box under the name. You may have to log in again to confirm.

5. On the Account Info page, scroll down and click on “Set language, site, and time zone” under Account settings and set Regional Site and language to Yahoo!. Next, save the settings.

6. Log out of your account, close all open browser windows, and then log back on. Click on the “I accept the Terms and Service” pop-up window if it appears. If not, you do not have to care about it.

7. Next, go back to the main mailbox page and select Options at the top, go to Mail Options and select Forwarding from the left margin. You will probably be surprised to see no more Upgrade to receive features.

8. Click on Yahoo! Access. Mail via POP and choose any option to download spam or not. That’s all you have to do with Yahoo.

9. Next, sign in to your Gmail account. If you are using the Basic HTML version of Gmail, click on “Switch to Standard View” at the top.

10. Go to Options, the gear icon at the top right and select Mail settings. On the Settings page, click the Accounts and Import tab. Next, click Import mail and contacts or Import from another address if you previously specified an account to import.

11. In the wizard that appears, enter the username, click Continue and enter the password and click Next. Select the import option and click on Start Import. It will take a few hours or sometimes up to 2 days to complete this entry. Click OK.

12. So you’re done, in a matter of minutes or hours, check your inbox or spam in Gmail to see your email and contacts imported from Yahoo. If you want to stop entering new messages, click Stop in the imported mail and contacts page at Gmail.

How to delete Yahoo account

After years of ineffectiveness, especially since Yahoo admitted hacking 500 million accounts. At the same time, the growth of the internet made many chat applications grow. So many people are no longer using their Yahoo account and replacing it with other more useful applications.

However, unused Yahoo! Mail accounts will have hidden security risks. And If you have a Yahoo account but are no longer used, please read the article below, we will guide you how to delete Yahoo account.

How to delete your Yahoo account permanently

However, before you decide to lock your Yahoo account, check the entire contents of the message and save important messages. We can transfer entire emails from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail.

In the main interface of Gmail, click on the gear icon> Settings> Accounts and Imports> Import mail and contacts.

Appears small windows interface. Here we will enter the address yahoo mail and follow the instructions to transfer the entire email from Yahoo to Gmail.

Step 1:

Next, if the user uses the account to log in to Yahoo when accessing the address below:

Step 2:

We login Yahoo account. Next, Yahoo will ask the user to confirm whether he wants to delete the account or not. Enter the password for the Yahoo account, the captcha code and click Terminate this Account to delete the account.

So you have finished closing the Yahoo account permanently. This will avoid the hassle of having your Yahoo account accidentally become the target of professional information thieves.

Some great tips in Yahoo! Mail

Here are some great tips to help you get Yahoo! Mail is more efficient and convenient.

Delete spam messages faster

By default, after one month, new spam messages will be Mail deleted. This has made your spam (spam) more bloated and also make you manage it more difficult (because many times Yahoo Messenger does not spam into the spam, if there are too many mail filtering. should take more time). So, set up Yahoo! Mail delete spam messages faster by going to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the Empty Spam folder, you choose the time to delete spam mail once a week. Block images you select Always show images, except in Spam folder to Yahoo! Mail always displays images in the mail, even with messages in the spam folder.

Block email from receiving unwanted messages

Gmail and Hotmail are only capable of sending emails of disruptive emails into the trash, not the ability to block messages from those addresses. Except for Yahoo! Mail provides a solution for you to block emails from anyone you do not like. To do so, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the Add a blocked address box enter the email you want to block and then click Add. You are allowed to block up to 500 emails at a time. To stop the email anymore, you click on it and then click Remove.

Stop blocking accounts but not chat

Previously you blocked someone on Yahoo !. Messenger, you do not block them anymore but still can not chat with them in Yahoo! Mail can still chat with them normally in Yahoo !. Messenger. The reason for this is because they are still in the “blacklist” of the chat application in the email. To chat with them, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the frame Blocked Chat IDs you find the nick and then Delete to delete it from the list. At this point, you can chat with them normally.

Turn on 2-Step Verification for Yahoo! Mail

With two-step Verification, two layers of security will protect Yahoo! Mail from suspicious logins. This article will guide you to enable two-step authentication in Yahoo! Mail.

Email security on Yahoo!

Yahoo! account Your mail is only secure with a password. Yahoo! Do not just check the password when someone tries to log in to your account; it also looks at the location and computer from where the login was made. If something is suspicious (for example, the device has never been used before), it will require more than the password provided you have enabled two-step authentication.

In this case, a second information is required to log in or enter the code sent to the mobile phone or answer security questions. (You can also turn off the second request and require only mobile verification.) Mail will be secure with your password and access to your mobile phone. (For a similar level of security, Yahoo! Mail also provides Key Access logs through a mobile application.)

How to turn on two-step authentication on Yahoo! Mail

To add a second layer of authentication for suspicious logins (for example from a new country) to Yahoo! Your email:

Step 1: Hover over your name or logo at the top of the Yahoo! navigation bar. Mail.

Step 2: Select Account Info from the menu that appears.

Step 3: If the message appears:

  • Enter Yahoo! account password Mail in the Password field.
  • Click Sign In.

Step 4: Follow the second sign-in verification setup link in Sign-In and Security.

Step 5: Make sure to check the box to enable second login verification in your Further Protect Your Account.

Step 6: If you have linked your mobile phone number to your account:

  • Click Use Current Phone to use it for two-step authentication
  • Or click on Use New Phone to use another phone.
    • Please note that the forms on this page may not allow you to enter numbers in all countries that Yahoo! can actually provide a verification code.

Step 7: If you have not set up a cell phone number or choose Use New Phone:

  • Enter your phone number in Second Sign-In Verification Setup: Add Mobile Phone.
  • Click Receive SMS.

Step 8: Enter the verification code received into Enter code (case insensitive code).

Step 9: Click Verify Code.

Step 10: Select Use only my mobile phone number for verification in your second sign-in verification to request the use of SMS text message verification or to verify the two-step authentication. with password and security question.

Note, two-step authentication does not apply to Yahoo! Mail accessed via POP, mobile, or IMAP; In such cases, you can create an application-specific password.

Add an unrecognized mobile phone number on the 2-step verification form

To set up a new mobile number to regain access to Yahoo! Mail:

Step 1: Click on your name or avatar at the top of the Yahoo! navigation. Mail.

Step 2: Select Account Info from the menu.

Step 3: Follow the update link to reset your password in Sign-In and Security.

Step 4: Click to add numbers in Mobile Numbers.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number.

  • Click the country code to select a different country.

Step 6: Click on Save.

Yahoo + AOL = Oath

Yahoo and AOL will be combined into a new company called Oath, after Verizon completes the acquisition of Yahoo

Yahoo is set to be renamed Oath after its future owner Verizon completes its $ . bn (£ . bn) acquisition of the tech giant.

Verizon will combine Yahoo and AOL into the new company, it was confirmed yesterday. AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong tweeted: “Billion+ Consumers, + Brands, Unstoppable Team. #TakeTheOath. Summer .”

Verizon has agreed to buy Yahoo’s internet business for about $ . bn (£ . bn) in cash.

The remaining parts of Yahoo, including its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, will be called Altaba.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will not be a part of the new company, sources told tech website Recode.

The company will be headed by AOL’s Armstrong and will be called “Oath-in-chief”.

Mayer will step down from the board after the tech giant completes its $ . bn (£ . bn) deal with Verizon, it was revealed in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January.

Other senior executives set to resign from the company include David Filo, Eddy Hartenstein, Richard Hill, Jane Shaw, and Maynard Webb.

Mayer’s leadership came under the spotlight last year when Yahoo disclosed a second major hack attack, twice the size of the previous one it revealed early on last year, and which experts called the biggest hack in history.

Change Yahoo password.

Welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna show you how you can reset your yahoo account password in a few simple steps.

So let’s Learn Some Tech In order to recover your password your yahoo mail password, just go to and then click on this sign in option.

Just put in your email id and then if you remember your password haha actually this is funny because I’m teaching you how you can recover your password.

I’m just gonna show you that what error it would show you if you enter a wrong password. You can see when you enter a wrong password you get an error message which is invalid password please try again.

So in order to recover your yahoo mail password there is an option down below which is “I forgot my password” just click on this button. Here you can see an option do you have access to this phone.

This is the same cellphone number which you have linked with this yahoo account so this is the only tutorial that how you can recover your yahoo mail password by using your cell phone number

so just click on this yes text me an account key and just wait for a few seconds and check out your cell phone inbox (message inbox).

you’ll get a message by yahoo itself and It’ll be containing an account key which is secret so not to disclose it with anyone. When you are done filling this account key just click on this verify option write down below.

You can create a new password as well or you can continue to your inbox so just click on this “Create a new password” now here you can enter a new password for your yahoo account.

The password must contain at least characters, it must contains the combinations of Upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers and symbols.

So please make sure that you have entered a strong password so that nobody is gonna crack it.

Now there is an option to show password that the same password you have just entered you can see an then after filling up these fields you can click on this continue option just click on this button.

This is just the option that you can even enter your recovery email address that in future, if you forget your yahoo mail password then you can even recover your yahoo password by using your email address as well so just click on this “Looks good” option if it pops up at your time.

I hope it was helpful Please subscribe to my channel and give us a thumbs up, I would appreciate that. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

Yahoo sign up

Hello youtube users! Welcome to ‘Login Experts’. Today, I am going to show you how to create a yahoo account.

So, first of all, go on web browser. Any kind of web browser that you’re using. I’m gonna use google chrome.

So, at the URL section, type then click ENTER. You’ll get inside the main page of Yahoo.

Then, at the top-right corner, you’ll see the ‘Sign In’ option. If you want to create a new account, click on SIGN IN option.

Then you’ll inside the sign in option.. sign-in page of the Yahoo and then at the bottom, you’ll see the SIGN UP option. Click on ‘SIGN UP’. Then you’ll get inside the Sign Up sheet of yahoo.

So, as you can see here, the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Mobile Number, Birth date and Gender.

So, you can give you First Name. I’m gonna use Login and in the Last Name, I’m gonna use Experts. Then, email address.. You can use any kind of email address. mmhh..

Yahoo will also get plenty of options, that you can use. You can select from there OR you can use your own.

So, I’m just gonna select from here, login.experts. So… password.. and then the phone number. The phone number should be of the your… of your own country. So, write the phone .. write your phone number… (Cough)

Your birth date.. and your gender option. Whether you’re male/female or other. I’m going to use male.. then click on CONTINUE.

Then another option here is to verify your phone number. You should verify your phone number.

To create, a Yahoo Id so, here is some of the options.. Text me a code OR call me with a code. If you want them to text, then click here and if you want them to call, click on call me the option.

So, I’m gonna click on TEXT ME option… It may take time. Then, click on verify. So, this is how you create a new Yahoo Id. So, now.. you have a yahoo account.

If you want to know how to use Yahoo OR login with this account, then please click the link give in the description below.

And please don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Thank you so very much and.. sorry for any.. k-kind of background disturbance.

Yahoo Login

Today we are going to show you how to log into your Yahoo email account basically your Yahoo Mail login. Make sure you have a working internet connection and then run your web browser by clicking on its icon.

Once your web browser loads, click to open a new tab. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + T to open a new tab.

Then enter the web address in the address bar. Once you’ve done that, hit the Enter key and your Yahoo home page will load.

So proceed to click on the mail icon which will direct you to the Yahoo Mail login page like it is done over here.

So enter your yahoo email address like I’ve done and then enter your password for Yahoo mail account.

You can either tick or untick this option. My best advice is for you to untick the Option if you are using a Public Computer or Laptop.

Then click on the Sign In button at the bottom. Now if you have entered the correct yahoo email address and password.

Your Yahoo inbox will load like it has done on my PC right here.