Change Yahoo password.

Welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna show you how you can reset your yahoo account password in a few simple steps.

So let’s Learn Some Tech In order to recover your password your yahoo mail password, just go to and then click on this sign in option.

Just put in your email id and then if you remember your password haha actually this is funny because I’m teaching you how you can recover your password.

I’m just gonna show you that what error it would show you if you enter a wrong password. You can see when you enter a wrong password you get an error message which is invalid password please try again.

So in order to recover your yahoo mail password there is an option down below which is “I forgot my password” just click on this button. Here you can see an option do you have access to this phone.

This is the same cellphone number which you have linked with this yahoo account so this is the only tutorial that how you can recover your yahoo mail password by using your cell phone number

so just click on this yes text me an account key and just wait for a few seconds and check out your cell phone inbox (message inbox).

you’ll get a message by yahoo itself and It’ll be containing an account key which is secret so not to disclose it with anyone. When you are done filling this account key just click on this verify option write down below.

You can create a new password as well or you can continue to your inbox so just click on this “Create a new password” now here you can enter a new password for your yahoo account.

The password must contain at least characters, it must contains the combinations of Upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers and symbols.

So please make sure that you have entered a strong password so that nobody is gonna crack it.

Now there is an option to show password that the same password you have just entered you can see an then after filling up these fields you can click on this continue option just click on this button.

This is just the option that you can even enter your recovery email address that in future, if you forget your yahoo mail password then you can even recover your yahoo password by using your email address as well so just click on this “Looks good” option if it pops up at your time.

I hope it was helpful Please subscribe to my channel and give us a thumbs up, I would appreciate that. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

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