How to delete Yahoo account

After years of ineffectiveness, especially since Yahoo admitted hacking 500 million accounts. At the same time, the growth of the internet made many chat applications grow. So many people are no longer using their Yahoo account and replacing it with other more useful applications.

However, unused Yahoo! Mail accounts will have hidden security risks. And If you have a Yahoo account but are no longer used, please read the article below, we will guide you how to delete Yahoo account.

How to delete your Yahoo account permanently

However, before you decide to lock your Yahoo account, check the entire contents of the message and save important messages. We can transfer entire emails from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail.

In the main interface of Gmail, click on the gear icon> Settings> Accounts and Imports> Import mail and contacts.

Appears small windows interface. Here we will enter the address yahoo mail and follow the instructions to transfer the entire email from Yahoo to Gmail.

Step 1:

Next, if the user uses the account to log in to Yahoo when accessing the address below:

Step 2:

We login Yahoo account. Next, Yahoo will ask the user to confirm whether he wants to delete the account or not. Enter the password for the Yahoo account, the captcha code and click Terminate this Account to delete the account.

So you have finished closing the Yahoo account permanently. This will avoid the hassle of having your Yahoo account accidentally become the target of professional information thieves.

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