Some great tips in Yahoo! Mail

Here are some great tips to help you get Yahoo! Mail is more efficient and convenient.

Delete spam messages faster

By default, after one month, new spam messages will be Mail deleted. This has made your spam (spam) more bloated and also make you manage it more difficult (because many times Yahoo Messenger does not spam into the spam, if there are too many mail filtering. should take more time). So, set up Yahoo! Mail deletes spam messages faster by going to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the Empty Spam folder, you choose the time to delete spam mail once a week. Block images you select Always show images, except in Spam folder to Yahoo! Mail always displays images in the mail, even with messages in the spam folder.

Block email from receiving unwanted messages

Gmail and Hotmail are only capable of sending emails of disruptive emails into the trash, not the ability to block messages from those addresses. Except for Yahoo! Mail provides a solution for you to block emails from anyone you do not like. To do so, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the Add a blocked address box enter the email you want to block and then click Add. You are allowed to block up to 500 emails at a time. To stop the email anymore, you click on it and then click Remove.

Stop blocking accounts but not chat

Previously you blocked someone on Yahoo!┬áMessenger, you do not block them anymore but still can not chat with them in Yahoo! Mail can still chat with them normally in Yahoo! Messenger. The reason for this is because they are still in the “blacklist” of the chat application in the email. To chat with them, go to Options> Mail Options> Spam, in the frame Blocked Chat IDs you find the nick and then Delete to delete it from the list. At this point, you can chat with them normally.

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