Yahoo launches Squirrel group chat application

Squirrel is now available on iOS and Android but for use, you must receive an invitation from the company.

Yahoo has launched a new Squirrel chat app on the App Store and Google Play. With Squirrel, you can manage multiple chat groups and create different groups for multiple topics.

Also, you can create secret chat groups that only your friends or family members are invited to know about it. And because you have to invite friends and family to join the group through a link, you will not share any information with Yahoo about your relationship.

Squirrel has several outstanding features:

– Rooms: Create private rooms for some or some specific topics. Chat in the room will send content to the whole people.

– Mute: Turn off notifications in the room.

– Secret rooms: Use secret rooms for private discussions with acquaintances.

– Reactions: Express emotions with jokes, stories by one-touch manipulation.

– Blasts: Make sure everyone in the group sees important messages.

– Attachments: Share photos, documents or links. Find them easily in one place.

– Activity view: Never miss important messages. Know when you are mentioned.

Now to use Squirrel you must receive an invitation from Yahoo. If you want to try, you can send an email to to request an invite.

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